Work to Residence Visa in New Zealand

There are numerous Work to Residence Visas, all of which are temporary, and all of which open a pathway to New Zealand residency. A Work to Residence Visa in NZ is suitable if you are planning to stay in New Zealand for the long term, as it will allow you to build up two full years of work experience in the country before applying for residency. It is an ideal avenue to residency for people who don't qualify to apply via the skilled migrant class. A Work to Residence Visa requires an applicant to fulfill mandatory health, character, and English language conditions. Your eligibility will depend mostly on your skillset, qualifications, and career experience.

Work to Residence Visas


Talent Visas (Accredited Employer). Certain employers are "accredited" by Immigration New Zealand as having recognised employment needs. When such an "accredited employer" selects skilled staff for a temporary assignment, their choice is normally supported by Immigration New Zealand.


Talent Visa (Arts, Culture and Sports). Applicants may be considered for a Work Visa based on their talent in the Arts, Culture, or Sport. High thresholds of talent or excellence are required, and this policy is not often used.


Long Term Skill Shortage Workers. Some people may not meet normal Skilled Migrant Residence Visa criteria but nevertheless have skills that are in such short supply in New Zealand that they are eligible for temporary Work Visas.


Religious Workers. Under some circumstances, religious organisations can apply for Work Visas for religious workers.

Global Impact Visa - Refer to the "Business / Entrepreneur" section of this website.



The route to Residence.   Caution!


In all the above cases, opportunities for Residence usually follow two or three years of satisfactory work. It’s important to note that conditions are subject to change regarding the ages and health of applicants, their marital status, the circumstances surrounding the employment, and not to mention the policy itself. Requirements for Work and Resident Visas are different so the fact that a Work Visa is issued does not guarantee that residence will follow. These regulatory processes can be frustrating to follow, and the bureaucracy can be overwhelming. If you need assistance in navigating these complicated conditions, don't hesitate to contact us. Work to Residence in New Zealand can seem overcomplicated, but you can rely on the experts at Malcolm Pacific Immigration to help guide you through this maze.


NOTE: Changes to the Accredited Employer and Long-Term Skill Shortage work visas take effect on 01 November 2021. For many people, this visa pathway will close. Take advice now and apply.