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We understand the demands of business; that's why we set up an employer direct phone line and have a dedicated team of experts who make the process as quick and as easy as possible for you while actively reducing the risk of costly mistakes and delay. We have created unique online tools for employers and their migrant workforce to easily comply with employer accreditation and e-learning requirements. Find out what sets us apart and get in touch for a free initial consultation* with one of our specialists today.

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Results speak much louder than words. Malcolm Pacific Immigration has helped thousands of employers and employees secure their working rights and residence in New Zealand.

Navigating the ever-changing rules and regulations is a full-time job. Unless you have someone on your team who can manage this complexity, you risk running foul of New Zealand Immigration, leading to hefty penalties or frustration with international recruitment plans. For this reason, you should always consider a licensed immigration adviser as part of your international recruitment efforts, whether staff are already in New Zealand or about to arrive.

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How Malcolm Pacific Immigration can help you and your business

Recruiting from overseas

There is a lot to learn when you’re looking to recruit overseas employees. We can help you with the process, everything from finding out about how to employ migrants and the visa options available to bring them to New Zealand to how you can help your new employees settle when they arrive. Malcolm Pacific Immigration helps you understand your responsibilities for recruiting from overseas, taking you through the complete process.

Employer Accreditation and Recruiting From Overseas in NZ
Employer Accreditation New Employee Work Visa Process

New employee visa process

If you’re offering a job in New Zealand to a new employee from overseas, and they have the necessary qualifications to work, they will need to apply for a visa to work in New Zealand. Whether you’re thinking of hiring a new employee who is planning to work in New Zealand but isn’t a citizen or permanent resident, or if you’re hiring someone already on a work visa, we can help you understand the visa process and take the stress away to let you focus on your business.

Employer accreditation

Employer Accreditation is mandatory for any business wanting to employ migrant workers. Whether employing one or multiple migrant workers, accreditation is the first step towards a work visa being issued. It is a three-step process, and there are costs and the potential for errors along the way. We can help your business navigate the maze. We have unique online tools for our employer clients and their migrant workforce to easily comply with employer accreditation and e-learning requirements.

Employer Accreditation Advice From Licensed Immigration Advisers
Employer Accreditation and Employment Visa Issue Support

Employment visa issue support

Employees with specialist skills or who can work in an area of skills shortage can apply for a work visa if they are offered employment. Keeping your company documentation up to date is vital to ensure work visa applications don't get held up because the employment agreement is out of date. At Malcolm Pacific Immigration, we can audit your documentation, help answer your questions, provide free in-house seminars, and so much more.


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What is Employer Accreditation?

Employer accreditation is when a business is approved to offer jobs to prospective migrant workers having satisfied the government it is compliant with immigration and employment laws. There is an application process whereby Immigration NZ needs to be satisfied a number of criteria are met. Compliance with labour laws and financial sustainability are just a few of the boxes to tick. Malcolm Pacific Immigration will talk you through all the requirements to be met.

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What is the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)?

An AEWV is a work visa that most migrant workers will apply for from July 2022. Applying for an AEWV is the final step after the employer has passed two earlier tests; one to become accredited and one to satisfy the labour market test (i.e. no kiwis available to fill the job).

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How do I become an Accredited Employer with Immigration New Zealand?

For an employer to qualify for accreditation, Immigration New Zealand must be satisfied that the employer is in a stable financial position, has human resource policies of high standards, is committed to training and employing New Zealanders, and has good workplace practices. The definition of how a company qualifies or does not will be unique to every business. Best to take advice before applying as overturning a decline decision can be costly or impossible in some cases.

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What is the Labour Market Test (LMT)?

The LMT is where employers genuinely check if New Zealand residents or citizens are available for the job by advertising. The settings for LMTs change based on job location to allow for labour market differences across regions. Employers must do an LMT for jobs paid below the median wage and advertise the role nationally.

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What is the Essential Skills Work Visa?

If a migrant worker has been offered a full-time job and has the necessary qualifications and experience to work in that job, they can apply for a temporary work visa to work in New Zealand. The employer must first check if any New Zealanders were available to do the work before offering the job to a migrant worker. This visa will be replaced by the AEWV (see above) in July 2022.

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Can I recruit an overseas worker in New Zealand?

Recruiting an overseas worker will not suit every employer. If you can’t find a New Zealand worker to fill the job, you may recruit a migrant. However, it can take time. If the person you want to hire doesn’t have a visa to work in New Zealand, they will need to apply for a work or resident visa before they begin their employment.

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How can I hire migrant workers in New Zealand?

If you’re new to recruiting staff from overseas, the following pointers below can help you in the process.

  • Ensure the job vacancy meets the requirements of the visa categories and find out how you can support a migrant’s visa application.
  • Consider the country/countries where you are likely to find suitable candidates. Remember to consider cultural differences and how skills and qualifications from different countries fit into the New Zealand workplace.
  • Think of ways to get the message out, such as working with other employers, a recruiter or similar.
  • Factor in time for normal recruitment processes, including advertising, viewing CVs, interviewing, checking references.
  • Remember that visa application processing is also a time factor alongside the migrant worker’s move, which may include housing, gathering documents for their visa application, and more.
  • Make sure the migrant worker you intend to employ is suitably qualified and/or experienced to take up the job offer. Verify references and qualifications to satisfy yourself before offering a job.
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