Services for Employers

We have a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of your business. We work alongside and support your HR team to provide: 

  • One-off visa applications 

  • Multiple visa applications 

  • Temporary visa and resident visa applications 

  • Visa renewals including tracking expiry dates 

  • Employer accreditation applications

  • Visa problems 

  • Appeals 

  • HR support, including in-house training, seminars and policy updates 

  • Offshore recruitment support 

  • Settlement support

Introducing Lukas Sousa.


Lukas is our Head of Employer Relationships. As a qualified and experienced immigration adviser employers, trade and industry associations and migrant groups can contact Lukas in the full confidence he will organize tailored visa solutions and manage special projects.

You can call Lukas directly: 022 689 5500

Or send him a message below.

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