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Malcolm Pacific Immigration provides visa solutions, removes uncertainties and solves immigration and citizenship problems. Whether straightforward or complex, we manage the process, so you can manage your life. Our specialists handle all visa types.
35 years. Over 70,000 successful clients. "Not just a web site - a trusted business"

2021 Resident Visa – Limited opportunity!

Immigration is complex and challenging. 


Successfully navigating the immigration process can be as challenging as crossing oceans without a compass. In todays fast paced world and visa applications online it seems that applying for a visa is really easy. But thousands of people are declined every year.


Behind your computer screen are complex and powerful government assessment tools and artificial intelligence determining applications. Don’t take the risk deal with New Zealand’s most trusted immigration team.

You do need a visa expert.


If you think it’s easy, you probably don’t know what might go wrong! Work with us from the start to keep it safe and simple. If you are in trouble, we are good at solving problems we didn’t cause.


First consultation is free, so approaching us will cost you nothing but will increase your understanding and avoid confusion.

The Malcolm Pacific Immigration difference.


Behind this website are real people, lifetimes of experience, support systems and management skills; providing security and safety to you, your family, your staff or your clients at the time they are most vulnerable.


People are our strength. Personal service with the backing of a team.  People and systems that are trusted.  


"A commitment to honesty and fairness."



Moving to a new country is a major life event and comes with significant challenges and risks. It is personal, stressful and the stakes are high, particularly when families are involved. 


Businesses face complex and challenging immigration processes and legal compliance. 


Clients trust us because our licensed immigration advisers are New Zealand visa experts and deliver results. We understand the complex immigration rules, processes and pitfalls. 


Our trusted expertise makes the migration journey smooth sailing. 



The immigration process relies on honesty.
The consequences of misleading the immigration system, whether unintentional or not, can be severe. 


Malcolm Pacific Immigration acts with integrity and transparency when interfacing with employers, migrant workers and the New Zealand Government. Our reputation for integrity is recognized in the market and makes us stand out from the rest. 



Malcolm Pacific Immigration has the biggest team of licensed immigration advisers and support staff in New Zealand. We have a multi-cultural team who speak many languages. 


The visa rules are different depending on whether you intend to visit, work, study or reside in New Zealand. Our team keep up date with the constantly changing local and international rules and regulations.


Our team delivers excellent client service and the best results for individuals, families and business.

Client testimonials

In Immigration things sometimes take longer than you think...

"Thank you for following this through to completion. It has been a joy working with you over the last 5 years."  


...and sometimes there is a last minute rescue;

"We had lost all hope as the visa officer and SMC Manager had already declined our case before we brought it to you. Your intellectual and discursive powers gave our case new life and then, in the end, a victory! This enhances our personal lives forever." 

S.S.,  India.


or perhaps, just a job well done...

"I hope you all take immense pride in the way you affect peoples lives....." 
S.W., UK

"Thank you...for all the advice & assistance...over the last 2 years. Malcolm Pacific have provided an excellent service I would have no hesitation in recommending in the future. Thanks again! 
D&S., UK



...but usually clients get the fast results they are looking for.

"I can't believe it; just four weeks and it's done and dusted"
J.M., NZ



We even get praise when we say "no".

"After genuine discussion with you I know it is not right time to lodge the application. I am very impress how you spend quality time to show me the right path which is to not lodge at this stage. Not many have such integrity. I will come to you when the time is right. 
V.B, India..


We try to keep everyone happy.

"Fantastic to deal with; professional, friendly and helped my client get what he needed. It rubbed off onto me and my business - we came out smelling roses. Well done." 
SB Ltd. Auckland. 


Our clients include the rich and the poor.

"Wonderful news. Thank you very much for your personal and professional approach." 
Investor, Singapore.

"Thanks for professional service. A joy working with you. My PA will arrange immediate payment". 
Investor, Florida.

"A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breath a bit. I thought my health problems would be the final blow but you guys are the best. A great fat thank you. I am so happy I ended up coming to you." 
Genetic disorder, Ohio.


The Languages we speak.

We change people's lives.


Our job is about passion, commitment and the never-ending struggle to bring positive change to our clients’ lives.


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