New Zealand Pets & Possessions

Here we share some general information about New Zealand Pets and Possessions.

Bringing Your Pets

Because New Zealand is an island nation that has never been connected to any major landmass, we have unique flora and fauna and an absence of some diseases and organisms that are common elsewhere in the world. We also have an economy in which agriculture is important and benefits to the extent of billions of dollars from the absence of those diseases and organisms. Put those two things together, and you have a situation that most people in the world are not used to. New Zealanders really do care about, and we do really take seriously the importation of living organisms and any product that might contain diseases, including diseases of animals, plants and even insects.

With that background, please don’t be surprised when we tell you that bringing your cat or dog may not be straightforward, may incur significant costs and may require a period of quarantine.

When you arrive:

  • Every piece of baggage will be sniffed by dogs trained to identify food or flowers in your hand luggage that may contain diseases you had never thought about.
  • Behind the scenes, your packed luggage will be x-rayed by special equipment designed to locate not drugs or explosives but plants and food! (And if any is found, your bags will be opened, and you may receive an instant fine because you will have been warned!)

Useful Information

Before travelling to New Zealand or shipping possessions, do some research. We have provided some useful links and an overview. Talk to a customs/shipping agent as early as possible to understand NZ regulations and to avoid disappointment or expensive mistakes.

New Zealand Customs

New Zealand Customs

Pet Quarantine Rules

Ministry of Primary Industries

Pet Quarantine Facilities

Auckland Pet Quarantine

Pet Haven Kennels

Canterbury Quarantine

Bringing Your Possessions

The thought of moving house can be a worry, but in practice it will work out fine if you discipline yourself to approach things logically. You are not the first. Every month thousands do it successfully. The prospect of what might happen is far worse than the reality of what will happen when you follow this simple advice.

Do Not Try To Cut Corners

The difference in price between professionals and price-cutters is just not worth it. Only deal with recommended major removalists. Trying to reduce costs by “helping out’ or “pre-packing some stuff” does not work either. The professionals will arrive with all the right people, equipment and skills, and you will be amazed at how seamlessly they turn the chaos of your home into a logical process of “pack and ship”. They do it every day, and nothing in your situation will surprise, confuse or embarrass them. Just hand your house over and leave it to them.

If In Doubt, Include It

That even refers to your favourite old broken wooden spoon. The removal cost will not be greatly influenced by any attempt to cull out “old stuff”. But everything you cull will have to be replaced with scarce dollars when you arrive. Plus, having your “old stuff” around you will be a great comfort as you settle in. That especially applies to kids favourite possessions, no matter how tatty.

General Comments

Everything is available in New Zealand, and guarantees and spare parts could become difficult for “orphan” products.

Do give thought to buying some “souvenirs of home”; of the sort, tourists might buy, but which you would not have normally considered. When you have settled in New Zealand, you will be surprised at how much you enjoy the sketch of your local cathedral or framed photo of your local mountain.

With the exception of very small children, there is no point cluttering your “on board” baggage with comforting items. International travel can be hell. There are weight restrictions, security procedures and whatever you do, living out of suitcases is going to be something you just have to live through. The comfort of old possessions will come when your removalist delivers your goods to your new home.

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