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October 26, 2021

Closure of the Work to Residence Talent Visa: Apply Before it’s too Late

The Work to Residence Visa offers a pathway to residency for workers in NZ, but this visa is coming to an end. Apply now before it's too late. Details here.
Closure of the Work to Residence Talent Visa: Apply Before it’s too Late
Closure of the Work to Residence Talent Visa: Apply Before it’s too Late

On 31 October 2021, the Work to Residence visa will come to an end. There isn’t much time left to get your application in, so follow our advice today and get the process started now. Below, we explore the criteria of the work to residence talent visa in NZ and the key steps you need to take towards a successful application.

What is the Talent Visa (Accredited Employer)?

The Work to Residence Visa is also known as the Talent (Accredited Employer) Visa. This visa offers a pathway to residency for people working in New Zealand. Employers who are “accredited” by Immigration NZ are recognised as having in-demand employment needs; in other words, they require specific skillsets that can be found in workers abroad. If you have the skills needed by an accredited employer, you may be eligible to apply for a Talent Visa in NZ.

What’s the Criteria?

To apply for a Talent Visa in NZ, you must be offered full-time employment by an accredited employer for at least 24 months, and a minimum salary level of NZD 79,560 per annum applies. Your visa will outline the information specified in the initial job offer, such as the job you can work in, the location of NZ you can work and who is the accredited employer. Talent visa holders are normally required to stay in their specified role for the duration of their contract. However, if your employer loses their accreditation, you may be allowed to work for another accredited employer or apply for a variation of conditions.

There is a range of other factors that may affect your eligibility to apply, such as your age, health, and character. All applicants must be 55 years old or younger and be at an acceptable standard of health and character. Family members cannot be included in a talent visa application and need to lodge separate visa applications that reflect what activities they will be doing in New Zealand (e.g. working, studying etc). As expert immigration advisers in NZ, Malcolm Pacific Immigration will be able to assist you with these complex and challenging areas of your application.

The Next Steps: Getting NZ Residency

If you have worked in New Zealand for 24 months for an accredited employer, you will be eligible to apply for NZ residency. Family can be included in your residence application. Once you are granted residency from work, you and your family will be able to live, study and work in New Zealand indefinitely. If you have already applied for residence and need to extend your work to residence visa or are wondering if the 2021 Resident Visa might be a better visa to apply for we recommend you take advice now.

The New Accredited Employer Work Visa: Coming Mid-2022

Set to be introduced in mid-2022, the new Accredited Employer Work Visa will replace the Talent Visa, along with 5 other temporary work visas. This single new visa application process is employer-led; this means that before the migrant worker can apply for a work visa, the employer will need to go through a new application process set out by Immigration NZ.

Since this new visa isn’t coming into effect for over half a year, it is crucial to apply for a talent visa while you still can. Fortunately, processing times for talent visas in NZ tend to be faster than other work visa types, such as the essential work visa.

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Here at Malcolm Pacific Immigration, we have years of experience dealing with work visas of all kinds, including the Work to Residence Talent Visa. Our team will help you with every step of your application and ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you are interested in other pathways to residence, we can help you find the right visa for your needs. Contact us today for expert information and advice.

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