Work Visas – don’t delay extending

Updated: Sep 2

Life is busy.

Many people leave renewing the car warrant of fitness, paying bills or fixing a leaky tap until the last minute.

A work visa that is due to expire (or any other visa for that matter) is something that needs to be treated seriously and not left to the last minute.

Once a visa has expired the clock is ticking towards liability for deportation. Getting a new visa once it has expired is like buying a lottery ticket – no guarantee you will be the winner!

We reported last month the government delayed rolling out the new employer accreditation process until mid-2022. Read that article here.

There is a limited window open right now to renew work visas for a longer than normal period. If your work visa expires in the next 1 to 12 months it will pay to apply now for a new work visa. Malcolm Pacific Immigration can cut through the red tape for you and your employer by making the complex really simple.

Take advantage of this limited period of flexibility before the government cracks down on temporary workers as part of their immigration reset.

For those wanting to get onto a Work to Residence Visa, the deadline to apply remains 31 October 2021. Don’t delay.

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