Overseas? Visa processing switched back on

Immigration NZ have restarted processing a limited number of visa categories for applicants (and their families) who are overseas. The visa categories given the green light are:

  • Partnership – including work, visitor, and resident

  • Investor (1 and 2) – including investment audits and assessment of funds transfer/investment

  • Parent Retirement

  • Entrepreneur

  • Refugee Family Support (Tiers 1 & 2)

Important points.

  1. Partnership applications will be processed to decision stage; if approved visas will be issued.

  2. Other visa categories listed can expect applications to be allocated to an Immigration Officer for assessment, but a final decision will not be made (i.e. approve the application). The Immigration Act 2009 does not allow resident visas to be issued to a person overseas while the border remains closed. You can always discuss with Malcolm Pacific Immigration whether there is a pathway for a border exemption.

  3. It does mean applications are being processed up to the point where an Immigration Officer is satisfied it could be approved once the border reopens. This will give applicants some certainty and a sense of moving forward.

  4. Immigration NZ reserves the right to ask for further information and reassess an application once the border reopens.

  5. Any applications that do not meet immigration instructions will be declined.

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