New Skilled Occupations

A pathway to residence may have opened for a group of occupations recently added to the exceptions list.

From 27 July 2020 aged or disabled carers, bicycle mechanics, drillers or nursing support workers with job offers paying the median wage (currently $25.50 per hour) or higher could apply for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category. There is of course more to this than meets the eye so a proper assessment of eligibility from a professional is recommended.

The Skilled Migrant Category remains on hold. An Expression of Interest (EOI) can still be lodged into the pool but until the government directs Immigration NZ to restart selections of EOIs from the pool it is a waiting game before receiving an Invitation to Apply for Residence.

Our advice is to still move ahead with an EOI so you can be as close to the front of the queue as possible when selections restart. There is of course a risk the government may change selection criteria (e.g. push up the current pass mark of 160 or any other change to reduce the numbers being selected) but having a sense of moving forward is important to many people rather than living life on hold.

Residence applications under the Skills categories are being processed for applicants who are in New Zealand. There are delays. Read more: Stuck in a queue” article

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