International Visas

Updated: Jun 8

Getting a visa to live, work or holiday for some countries can be complicated and not just the mouse click away you had hoped.

The UK system, for one, can be tough (and expensive) when it comes to the spouse and family of a British ex-pat wanting to join him or her to live there for a few years.

Malcolm Pacific Immigration’s sister company, Global Visas, has been helping people navigate international visa rules for more than 25 years. The team deals with embassies, consulates or government departments, biometric appointments and helps with visa interview preparation. Visas for the UK, Canada, USA, Europe and Asia are all part of the expertise on offer at Global.

It might seem easy to lodge a visa application online, but the online world can sometimes cause more problems than deliver solutions.

If you are in New Zealand and need a visa to visit, work, study or live overseas then talk to Global Visas. Check out Global Visas here.

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