Parent Visa changes

More than 10,000 parents in a queue waiting for the New Zealand Government to make up its mind about parent visa rules, finally have some answers.

But for many of them it has dashed hopes that they and their children will ever be able to live together in New Zealand.

While Mum and Dad might be independently wealthy enough to support themselves in their old age, it is no longer those parents’ financial status that counts.

From February 2020 a single person wanting to sponsor one parent will need to be earning $106,080 a year. A couple will need a combined income of $212,160 to sponsor two parents to live here. Incomes will have to be proven and these thresholds may change once the final policy is released.

Many parents have been waiting since October 2016 when the previous Government put a moratorium in place while the rules around the parent visas were sorted out.

Some families have been upset and say the government has no understanding of cultures where Mum and Dad live with their children in their old age. While they have been welcomed as skilled migrants, they have no way of earning enough money to match the new income requirements enabling parents to be eligible to join them.

Expressions of Interest for the new visa will open in February 2020. Delays can be expected as the 10,000 already at the head of the queue need to either drop out or prove they can meet new income requirements. We would encourage people to come to us for advice on whether there are other options that can be explored before they give up.

Our video explains the changes: Watch video here

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