Tips for employers in 2019

Immigration NZ and the Labour Inspectorate are checking workers’ records thoroughly. If you don’t keep the right records, you can expect to pay a penalty. So:

  • If you are employing, check all applicants’ documents, especially qualifications and work experience. When you employ a person, keep a copy of those documents.

  • Make sure you keep clear and accurate time and wage records.

  • If you are employing international students, under the rules of their visa each of them is only allowed to work 20 hours per week (except for the Christmas/New Year holidays when they can work full time)

  • Despite the shortage of talent, if you have a migrant employee and his or her visa is about to expire you must in most cases re-advertise the job and prove there is not a New Zealander available for it before the work visa will be renewed.

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