Salary and wages have increased

Immigration New Zealand does an annual review to check salary and wage thresholds meet the New Zealand median salary range for a 40 hour-a-week job.

They have made some changes. But note those changes only apply to people applying for work visas after November 26.

For your information, skilled migrant applicants on what is described as higher-level skilled professional jobs should be on a minimum of $25 an hour. It also means for lower skilled workers the minimums have gone up to $37.50 an hour or $50 an hour if bonus points are needed.

In the essential skills work visa category, the minimum hourly rate for lower skilled jobs is less than $21.25; mid skilled $21.25 to $37.49 and higher skilled at $37.50.

The government has just announced a review of work visa policy. If implemented Accreditation of all employers who recruit temporary migrant workers will be mandatory before visas are issued. Securing a work visa is likely to get more complex and take longer. More news in 2019 but if your work visa is due to expire in the next 12 months and you want to renew it take advice now.

It is getting more and more complex and its always best to take advice from a Licensed Immigration Adviser.

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