What happens after Approval in Principle?

This article is about Immigration Policy but is not a description of policy.



At last we ring you to tell you your case is Approved!


Unfortunately this is not the end of the journey: because that first "approval" is, in truth, only an "Approval in Principle".

You still need to get the resident visa issued which can sometimes take up to 4 to 6 weeks depending on what other requirements you need to meet.


If you are an investor, you may also, first of all, need to give proof of having transferred nominated funds through the banking system. If so; you have 12 months to complete that step (plus the time necessary to present your passport as above).


In some very rare cases, there may be a need to produce other documentation along with your passport. 



Change of circumstances.


Please do not to anything to unnecessarily delay obtaining your visas and (if you are overseas) entering New Zealand. Your grant of residence is not complete until you have entered New Zealand. Until then:


  • You are obliged to tell Immigration New Zealand of ANY relevant change of circumstance.

  • Any change in your circumstances could render you no longer eligible.


Of course, you don't expect anything to go wrong; but if it does, all your plans can fall apart.


Please do NOT delay in completing these final steps after Approval in Principle.