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December 9, 2021

Visas that Allow Your Loved Ones to Join You in NZ

Do you have family members stuck overseas? In some cases, dependent children and partners of NZ visa holders are exempt from border restrictions. Details here.
Visas that Allow Your Loved Ones to Join You in NZ
Visas that Allow Your Loved Ones to Join You in NZ

The NZ border is currently shut to non-residents and citizens overseas. However, in some cases, partners and family members of NZ residents, citizens, or temporary visa holders may be exempt from travel restrictions.

Do you have family members stuck overseas? Here are the visa options that allow your loved ones to join you in NZ.

Visa Requirements for Dependent Children

The NZ Dependent Child Visa category helps ensure that dependent children and their parents do not stay separated, which is essential during these uncertain times we are living in. But what is considered a ‘dependent child’ to qualify for a visa?

Immigration NZ classifies a ‘dependent child’ as a person who is dependent on their parents for financial support, is not married, and has no children of their own. Overseas dependent children whose parents are in New Zealand may be exempt from border restrictions because they are viewed as having a critical purpose to travel.

There are different categories that dependent children can apply under to join their parents in New Zealand. If your child is applying for a temporary visa, they must be 19 years old or younger. To apply, they must first submit a request to travel and provide a legitimate reason for travel. These reasons may include:

  1. Being the dependent child of a temporary visa holder who is a registered teacher in NZ.
  2. Being the dependent child of a temporary visa holder who is a critical health worker in NZ.
  3. Being the dependent child of a highly skilled worker who is based in New Zealand.
  4. Being a dependent child who held a visa before the border closure.

If you want your child to join you in NZ as a resident, the visa requirements will be slightly different. For example, the dependent child must not be older than 24 and in some cases needs to prove financial dependence to a high degree. For more information about requirements and eligibilities for dependent child visas, get in touch with a licensed immigration adviser for New Zealand visa assistance.

Visa Requirements for Partners

Partners of NZ residents and citizens may also be exempt from border restrictions if they meet the requirements set by Immigration NZ. Before applying for a visa under the Partnership Category, it’s important to have a good understanding of what constitutes a partnership.

Immigration NZ defines a partnership as two people who are either legally married, in a civil union, or in a de facto relationship. The relationship must be proven to be “genuine” through documentary evidence such as marriage certificates, joint rental agreements, joint bank accounts etc. The couple must be living together in a relationship that is considered by an Immigration Officer to be genuine and stable. Visa applications under partnership are often difficult to navigate and will require the assistance of an experienced immigration adviser to make sure nothing goes wrong.

With the NZ Partnership Visa, partners of NZ residents or citizens may be able to gain residence in New Zealand. While many visas remain suspended due to Covid-19, this category remains open in an effort to keep partners and families together. To apply for a visa, the partner must first request permission to travel and state their reason for wanting to enter NZ. These reasons are similar to those of the dependent child visa—for example, you are the partner of a registered teacher in NZ, a critical health worker, a highly-skilled worker or a NZ citizen or resident. If you are already the holder of a valid Partnership Visa, you will be eligible to travel to NZ.

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