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Investing in NZ: Is it Worth it?

Considering investing in NZ but not sure if it’s worth it? An Investor Visa can lead to exciting opportunities, including NZ residency. Learn more here.

12/05/20223 min read
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New Zealand has developed a positive reputation for its business landscape and quality of life, making it an attractive investment option to business people around the world. Investing in NZ can lead to a wide array of exciting opportunities, including gaining permanent residence in the country.

Are you considering an Investor Visa in NZ but aren't sure if it’s worth it? Explore the benefits of investing in NZ below.

A Pathway to Residency

Investing in New Zealand can be a great pathway to residency. As one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world, gaining permanent residency in the country is certainly worthwhile.

Living in New Zealand as a permanent resident brings many privileges to families, including access to education, voting rights, the ability to purchase property, work and much more.

Two types of Investor Visas in NZ can lead to residence:

  • Investor 1 Resident Visa – This visa is for business people who have NZ$10 million available funds to invest in New Zealand over three years.
  • Investor 2 Resident Visa – This visa is for business people who have at least NZ$3 million in available funds or assets to invest in New Zealand over four years.

Gaining residency from an NZ Investor Visa can be a complex and challenging process, and you must meet a wide range of requirements. We recommend getting in touch with an NZ immigration adviser at Malcolm Pacific Immigration for assistance.

Great Investment Opportunities

New Zealand provides a wide range of exciting investment opportunities to experienced business people across the world. All applicants must meet the acceptable investment criteria to be granted an Investor Visa.

So, what counts as ‘acceptable investment criteria?’ From equity in NZ firms, residential property development, and business ownership through to philanthropic investments, you have many different options for investing funds in New Zealand. Bonds issued by the NZ Government, local authorities, registered NZ banks, or finance companies are also considered acceptable investments, among others.

A Thriving Business Landscape

New Zealand is one of the best countries to start or run a business. According to the IFC World Bank ‘Doing Business Report’, it was ranked globally as the top country for ease of doing business in 2020.

New Zealand is a business-friendly country, making it easier for entrepreneurs to start businesses and meet the Government requirements to operate them. Economic freedom is an important philosophy in New Zealand. Investors and entrepreneurs can feel secure and confident when choosing to invest or start a business in the country. There is a wide range of exciting start ups looking for investment to get started or grow. It is important to take investment advice from reputable advisers available at registered NZ banks, licensed financial advice firms, chartered accountants or lawyers.

Lack of Corruption

Getting involved in a corrupt system is the last thing any investor wants. Unlike many countries, New Zealand is known for its transparency in the public sector. It is viewed as one of the least corrupt countries in the world, making it a safe investment option for experienced business people. As Beehive reported earlier this year, New Zealand currently holds the top spot in global anti-corruption rankings.

Get an Investor Visa Today: Contact Malcolm Pacific Immigration for Assistance

The Investor Visa in NZ is indeed worth pursuing if you have the acceptable funds and meet the requirements. However, the Investor Visa has a high failure rate plus there are proposed changes to the current rules on the horizon. It is important to get all the assistance you need from experienced licensed immigration advisers.

With one of the most skilled Investor Visa teams in the country, Malcolm Pacific Immigration can assist you with every step of the application process and beyond. Get in touch with our specialist Investor Visa team today to find out your eligibility.

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The Green List

From September 2022 people holding job offers in a small number of occupations may apply for residence. Some occupations are a direct pathway to residence and others require a period of two years or longer before applying.

There are qualification and/or occupational registration requirements to meet. Establishing if an overseas qualification matches the NZ equivalent qualification before applying is paramount for success.

Read more here.

16 May 22

Work Visa Categories Closing

The work visa categories set to close are:

  • Essential Skills Work Visa
  • Essential Skills Work Visa – approval in principle
  • Work to Residence (Talent – Accredited Employer)
  • Work to Residence (Long Term Skills Shortage)
  • Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa (closed October 2019)
  • Silver Fern Practical Experience Work Visa.
10 Feb 22

Policy Decision Key Dates in 2022

  • February 13. Fully vaccinated Kiwis plus certain other travellers entering NZ from the rest of the world* can skip MIQ.
  • April 30. The border starts a phased reopen to fully vaccinated foreign nationals.
  • April 30. The Productivity Commission reports back to the government on immigration settings.
  • May 9. Applications open for mandatory Employer Accreditation.

*Excludes high-risk countries.

16 Dec 21