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October 10, 2022

How Immigration Advisers Can Help Reduce the Stress of Immigration

New Zealand immigration can seem complicated. Licensed immigration advisers can help reduce the stress for you. Learn more about immigration advisers here.
How Immigration Advisers Can Help Reduce the Stress of Immigration
How Immigration Advisers Can Help Reduce the Stress of Immigration

Moving countries and changing jobs can seem daunting enough, let alone working through your immigration application. Ensuring all the forms are filled out correctly, and the requirements are met takes time. If you miss something or unintentionally make a mistake, the risk could be that your application is rejected.

The help of a licensed immigration adviser can reduce stress significantly during the immigration process and help to provide you with the confidence that your application is correct.

A New Zealand licensed immigration adviser offers services, from the professional assessment of your personal situation to managing the application process. Even if your New Zealand visa is about to expire, or you're simply interested in your different visa options, licensed immigration advisers can help you with your immigration process.

Why You Should Hire a Licensed Immigration Adviser

People use immigration advisers for various reasons. Common reasons include:

  • Helping get a visa quickly.
  • Receiving professional support to make the process smoother.
  • Getting advice from people experienced in unique and complex immigration situations.

It's important to talk to professionals as immigration laws change regularly. Getting advice from well-meaning friends and family may not give you enough accurate information. The information that was applicable for them or how rules have changed since their application can complicate your understanding of your individual New Zealand immigration process.

Contact Malcolm Pacific Immigration today for a free consultation. We have a team of skilled and experienced advisers in New Zealand who can assist you every step of the way.

How New Zealand Regulates Immigration Services  

Immigration advice and services are regulated by New Zealand legislation. The Immigration Act 2009 (the Act) defines the regime, while the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 (the IALA) defines laws that govern the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA), which regulates immigration advisers and licensing.

New Zealand's immigration governance aims to promote and protect the interests of consumers receiving immigration advice and enhance New Zealand's reputation as a migration destination by regulating the people who provide immigration advice.

The New Zealand regulatory immigration system is responsible for:

  • Providing immigration services, including processing visa applications
  • Managing the move of migrants into New Zealand
  • Attracting and supporting migrants
  • Managing other immigration and security risks
  • Offering refugee and protection services.

The Immigration Act 2009 (the Act)

The Immigration Act 2009 is New Zealand's fundamental source of immigration law. It provides a framework for managing immigration to balance the country's national interests in line with international obligations and protect New Zealand citizens, residents and migrants.

The Immigration Act 2009 is responsible for:

  • Setting who needs a visa to travel to or stay in New Zealand
  • Providing the framework for immigration instructions (the rules)
  • Setting rules and criteria for granting visas
  • Meeting New Zealand's international responsibilities
  • Determining what information is required from visitors, migrants, students, employers and educators to meet INZ criteria
  • Providing grounds for deportation and creating immigration criminal offences.

The Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 (the IALA)

The Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 was designed to protect consumers and enhance New Zealand's reputation as a destination for migrants. It also enables people to receive ethical and accurate advice and information from licensed professionals.

The IALA requires people who give New Zealand immigration advice to be licensed unless they have an exemption.

Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA)

The Immigration Advisers Authority oversees licensed advisers. The IAA was set up to promote and protect the interests of people receiving New Zealand immigration advice, and they have people's best interests at heart.

The Immigration Advisers Authority is responsible for:

  • Issuing licenses to those suitable to give immigration advice
  • Overseeing competency for immigration adviser licensing
  • Ensuring that licensed immigration advisers follow the code of conduct
  • Investigating those unlicensed giving immigration advice without a license or exemption
  • Receiving complaints from those receiving poor immigration advice

At Malcolm Pacific Immigration, we ensure that all of our immigration advisers are up to date with the latest immigration rules. We provide the right advice and support to make the process easier to understand and stress-free.

Benefits of Working With an Immigration Adviser

New Zealand's Immigration policy can be complex. It may seem overwhelming for any applicant, especially if it's your first visa application.

Gaining an in-depth understanding of the visa application process is not just time-consuming, but it can have many downsides. For example, trying to do the application yourself could lead to a declined application because you didn't include all the documentation required for your situation. When you are hoping to successfully secure a job to support your application, you want to ensure everything is clear for you and your employer. 

Hire experienced professionals to get it right the first time. 

Receive Professional Advice

Talking to a professional adviser can help answer any questions about the immigration system, visa options, and the application process.

An immigration adviser will give you guidance on your potential immigration options. They help you to understand the different visa categories and how to choose the one that applies to you.

Up To Date With Immigration News

Immigration advisers are responsible for keeping up-to-date with information on the latest changes to the system.

Your immigration adviser should have the finger on the pulse of your application, following up with Immigration NZ and other New Zealand government authorities to ensure your NZ work visa application or residency application is being processed. They should always be aware of what stage your visa application is at and keep you in the loop with important updates.

Ensure Your Application Is Strong

Licensed immigration advisers know the law like the back of their hand. They help you navigate the complex immigration system and ensure your application is as strong as possible.

A reputable and experienced immigration adviser knows what you need to do to get your application approved.

Take Away the Stress

Applying for a New Zealand immigration visa and understanding the INZ system can be extremely stressful, but turning to a licensed adviser will help.

Handing the process to a professional adviser is the best choice to provide you with a smooth process and avoid the stress associated with a life-changing decision.

Save Time and Money

Licensed immigration advisers save you time and money. They help you submit a well-prepared application, meaning you are less likely to have your application rejected and saves you time and money in the long run.

As experts in their fields, they have been trained and, in most cases, passed the Graduate Diploma in NZ Immigration Advice before being granted their license.

How to Hire the Right Immigration Adviser in New Zealand

When you start your search for an immigration adviser, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of options available. So how can you know who the right person for the job is? 

What to Look For in an Adviser

Here are some tips for what you should look for in an immigration adviser.


Ensure your immigration adviser has a valid license from the Immigration Advisers Authority. 

Immigration advice is a highly regulated industry, which is why we ensure all of our advisers are up to date on the latest rule changes through regular in-house training and professional development. So whether you're looking at moving to New Zealand, want to visit the country, or need to gain a student visa, we can help. Malcolm Pacific Immigration provides the right advice, removing the risk of getting information from less reliable sources.

Reputable Advice

Check that your immigration adviser is reputable and has good reviews from clients. This means they stay up-to-date with the latest changes to the immigration system and provide accurate advice and information.

We stand behind our actions. When you work with Malcolm Pacific Immigration, you know you are getting our signature service and our company's commitment to supporting you all the way. With over 35 years of experience delivering trusted, outstanding service to businesses, we're happy to share some of our client feedback.

We have the largest team in the country, so we have the capacity to provide you with personal service and move applications quickly to lodgement. When a team member is on leave, there is always someone for you to talk to. It is hard to do this job well each and every day if there is just one adviser looking after many clients.


The right immigration adviser should listen to your problems and answer your questions. They should make you feel comfortable and be willing to help even after the application has been submitted. You need to know what is happening as the process moves forward - that is what helps you keep calm. 

Our direct contact phone numbers, experienced team and dedication to outstanding service mean that we'll get your applications moving as quickly as possible.

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We are New Zealand’s largest and most experienced team of licensed immigration advisers. Our experts take away the stress and worry of navigating the complicated world of immigration. All you need to do is get in touch. Our team is on standby, ready to help.