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Immigration NZ News

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Whether you are going through the immigration process, are preparing to go through it, or have already gone through it, it is crucial to be aware of what is going on in the world of immigration.

Keeping up-to-date with current New Zealand immigration law and news is vital to your ability to operate within the confines of the regulations surrounding your immigration status.

With the New Zealand border closure over the past few years, you need to stay aware of what is happening with the immigration system.

Missing an update about immigration in New Zealand could result in a drastic change to your immigration status. So, if you want to keep up-to-date with current immigration news, you're in the right place. We'll walk you through where to find recent immigration news, why keeping up with this news is important, and popular immigration topics.

Why is it Important to Keep Up With Immigration NZ News?

Why is it Important to Keep Up With Immigration NZ News?

You might not think you have the time to invest in staying up-to-date with what's happening in NZ immigration news, but there are many benefits to be had by simply keeping up with the news.

Stay Compliant When Changes Happen

Immigration law and policy are constantly changing. While these changes don't always make headlines, they can significantly impact your ability to stay in New Zealand. Whether you're in the country through a work visa, your family is visiting you on visitor visas, or you're looking to apply for a study visa.

If you're not keeping up with the latest news, you might not know that a change has been made until it's too late. This could lead to you being out of compliance with your visa requirements and jeopardising your whole immigration status, especially if you're on a work visa.

By keeping up with the latest news, you can make sure that you are always aware of any changes that have been made and can take the necessary steps to ensure that you are still compliant.

Make Informed Decisions

Staying up-to-date can help you make informed decisions about your immigration status.

For example, if you are considering applying for a different type of visa, reading about recent changes to the application process can save you time and effort. You might find out about new programmes or changes that could impact your decision about which visa to apply for.

Learn About Opportunities

If you are in a temporary or pending immigration status in New Zealand, you must stay up-to-date on current news about immigration in New Zealand so you can identify opportunities to make your status permanent if that is what you desire. 

Without staying current on what is happening in the world of immigration law, you might miss out on opportunities to change your immigration status or capitalise on your immigration status when opportunities are to be had.

How to Keep Up With Immigration News in New Zealand

How to Keep Up With Immigration News in New Zealand

There are a few ways you can keep up with news in New Zealand. If you want to stay current with the news surrounding immigration, then you need to know where to get reliable immigration information.

Here are some trusted sources and ways to get information about New Zealand immigration updates.

Direct Communication

The first way to stay in touch with what is happening with immigration law and regulations is simple – through direct communication. If a policy change directly affects you, you may receive direct contact from government authorities like Immigration NZ.

Local & National News

When immigration news is handed down, it is typically syndicated to many news outlets. One of the best ways to be aware of immigration news when it hits is to scan your local and national news for anything that might affect your immigration status.

Immigration Agency Press Releases

You can see immigration news by keeping a close eye on agencies that deal with immigration. When there is news about immigration policy, the relevant agency will post a press release with new guidance.

What to Do When News Happens

What to do When News Happens

Confirm the News

Confirm the news is accurate by going to the agency website that deals with the new regulations and looking for a press release that confirms the new guidance or contacting them directly to ask.

You have to be sure that you are working with the correct information so you and your immigration adviser can take the necessary actions.

Contact Your Immigration Adviser

Once you have confirmed that the news you have heard is accurate, the next step is to contact your immigration adviser. They can tell you about the immigration NZ news and its effect on your immigration status.

If you have any questions, contact Malcolm Pacific Immigration today. We have a team of NZ licensed immigration advisers to assist you with any worries.

Take Action

If your immigration adviser has confirmed that the news will affect you, then it's time to form a plan. Your adviser will help you gather the necessary paperwork and navigate all procedures you need to complete. 

It's crucial to have the guidance of a licensed immigration adviser during this part.

Continue to Stay in the Loop

Do your best to continue to stay in the loop when it comes to immigration news. Key agencies may issue further guidance. To respond accordingly, you must keep up with the current news.

Important New Zealand Immigration News Topics

Important New Zealand Immigration News Topics

New Zealand's Border

The immigration system and New Zealand's border rules can change, much like how new border exceptions can vary. Stay aware of what's happening with the New Zealand border and immigration settings.

Skilled Migrants

The 'Skilled Migrant' category is a pathway to residence for skilled workers holding skilled job offers fromaccredited employers. Skilled migrants are often working in industries facing labour shortages.

Learn more about it on our skilled migrant page.

Accredited Employer Work Visa

The new Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) application opened on 4 July 2022. Employers must now be accredited and have passed the job check for any roles offered to migrant workers. Once these hurdles are cleared, the workers can apply for the AEWV.

We have a specialised employer services team to help you through the process.

Residence Visas

The New Zealand government has already introduced a pathway to residence for people already living and working in the country, known as the 2021 Resident Visa. However, the government announced the deadline for applying for this  visa closed on 31 July 2022.

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New Zealand Immigration Law

Visa processing and immigration fees vary depending on your application. And immigration settings can change often. There may be potential ways to help you with a fast track visa, but most visa applications can be at risk of delays due to the reopening of the New Zealand border. 

We are here to help support migrants no matter what. Whether you're looking to join New Zealanders and gain residency or are settling into the country with a new work visa, we're here to assist you.

Always Prepare for New Zealand Immigration System Changes

Now that you know more about immigration news, you should be ready for any potential news that might affect you. You should try to keep a pulse on what is happening in the world of immigration law by:

  1. Following trusted news sources
  2. Confirm the news by contacting the agency or reading published press releases from official sources
  3. Get in touch with an immigration adviser to help you with policy changes or updates.

With this information, you are well-equipped to handle any immigration news that comes down the pipeline!

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