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November 7, 2022

Visa rules set to change – Again!

Migrant workers in New Zealand should read this article as visa changes are set to affect how long you can keep working.
Visa rules set to change – Again!

Migrant workers in New Zealand should read this article because work visa nz changes will affect how long you can keep working. 

In December 2022 the government will limit the work rights for partners of work visa holders. At the moment when someone comes to NZ to work in a job they can bring their partner with them and that partner has open work rights (allowed to work for any employer in any job). Once the rules change partners will need job offers from Accredited Employers (who have had to prove their are no kiwis to fill the job) to qualify for a work visa. It is the end of open work visas allowing partners to work in any job and any employer. If your partner has a work visa due to expire in the next one to two years consider applying for a new visa to get ahead of these changes. 

A new median wage of $29.66 an hour (up from $27.76) will apply to new Accredited Employer Work Visas (AEWV NZ) applications lodged from 27/02/2023 onwards. Anyone earning less than $29.66 who wants to remain longer in NZ should apply for a new work visa before 27 February 2023 otherwise they may need to leave NZ.

The government is considering restricting AEWVs to a maximum stay of three years and if they proceed the change will take effect in mid 2023. This would mean migrant workers who do not qualify for residence have to leave New Zealand after three years of employment and could not apply to return for a least 12 months. This will have a chilling effect on the migrant community and employers.

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