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September 22, 2023

News for Work Visa holders

In February 2024, the median wage will increase to $31.61 an hour. The median wage is used today by Immigration NZ to assess AEWV.
News for Work Visa holders

Anyone holding an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) should read this message.  

The government have announced in February 2024 the median wage will increase to $31.61 an hour ($65,748.80 annually based on a 40-hour week) which is about 6.6% above the current pay rate. The median wage used today by Immigration NZ to assess AEWV applications is $29.66 an hour ($61,682.80 based on a 40-hour week).

The validity of AEWVs is set to change. Today the maximum validity of an AEWV is 3 years. This will increase to a maximum of 5 years in November 2023.   

These two changes present an opportunity and threat to anyone in New Zealand holding an AEWV. The opportunity is work visas can be extended up to a maximum stay of 5 years (subject to the next visa application being approved). The threat is to anyone earning less than $31.61 an hour will need to apply before the hike in the median wage takes effect in early 2024.

If health, character, or employment conditions have changed in anyway then anyone holding a work visa should take advice before applying. Any change to these circumstances also applies to family in New Zealand. There are tougher character requirements coming into effect next week. Plus the government have announced a series of tougher changes to the AEWV process that will cause delay and frustration for good employers and workers. These all add up to a new layer of complexity to the visa process.

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