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February 14, 2023

Moving to Tauranga: A Guide to the City

Tauranga is one of the most enjoyable cities to live in if you are considering immigrating to NZ. Learn more about moving to Tauranga in our guide.
Moving to Tauranga: A Guide to the City

If you are considering moving to New Zealand for work or study, Tauranga is one of the most enjoyable cities you can choose to make your home. Located 3 hours outside of the main hub of Auckland, this city is filled with opportunity and has a great pace of life.  

As a local Tauranga immigration adviser, here’s why we think Tauranga is a great place to settle. 

5 Top Reasons to Move to Tauranga:

  1. Great work/life balance
  2. Close to some of the best beaches in New Zealand
  3. Lots of sunshine: one of NZ’s sunniest
  4. Diversity of Industry
  5. Cheaper cost of living compared to Auckland.

Are You Looking for a Better Work/Life Balance?

Tauranga is located in an area that people love as a holiday destination. It has clean air and a sunny climate. All along the expanse of its coastline are some incredible beaches. The atmosphere around this beachside city reflects this with its laid-back feeling. 

Within minutes of finishing work, you could be on the beach with the family or enjoying beautiful nature walks. At the same time, it has all the benefits of living in a city. Tauranga city and its suburbs are vibrant hubs of cafes, restaurants and bars. 

For young professionals who are looking for a central location, walking and cycling are popular modes of transportation to work, whereas families often prefer the outer suburbs such as Papamoa Beach, which are still just a short 15-20 minute drive away from the city centre.

Are You Looking for Great Job Opportunities?

Tauranga has both a desirable lifestyle near the beach and ample job opportunities. The city's fast growth has led to high demand for workers. It has a large port which has transformed the region into an important hub of business for New Zealand. 

Tauranga has a fast commute to Auckland along with an airport making international travel easy. 

The Bay of Plenty region, where Tauranga is situated, is largely driven by tourism and has several other important economic factors. Tauranga places emphasis on industries such as horticulture, shipping, and retirement living, whilst close by is Rotorua where there are job opportunities in agribusiness, forestry, wood processing, and geothermal energy. 

The local governing body is planning to prioritise growth in areas such as aquaculture, wood, energy, freight logistics, and information and communication technology. 

As New Zealand is currently suffering from a labour shortage, it's a great time to apply for job opportunities in Tauranga. Kiwi employers are struggling to find highly skilled workers, and you could be just who they are looking for. 

By getting in touch with our Tauranga immigration advisers, you can get local advice on where to apply for work and how our visa process works. 

Looking for a Licensed Immigration Adviser in Tauranga?

If you need an immigration adviser in Tauranga, make an informed decision. Malcolm Pacific Immigration has been in the business for over 35 years and are licenced Immigration advisers here to make your transition easier. 

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Are You Looking for a More Affordable Lifestyle?

New Zealand, like many other countries, is experiencing a rise in the cost of living. However, if you are looking for central hubs that give you more value for money, Tauranga is one. 

Compared to Auckland, Tauranga is around 20% cheaper. The biggest savings you can make are on accommodation & utility bills, petrol and public transport. 

One thing to note is wages in Auckland are on the whole higher than in Tauranga; however, the cumulative savings, especially in accommodation costs you can make living in Tauranga as a highly skilled worker, can out-weight this increase. 

The average rent in Tauranga for a 3-bedroom apartment outside of the city is $2,280 per month compared to Auckland, where you are looking at $3,100+ 

What is Tauranga like for Families?

Combining a better work/life balance with a great safe environment for kids to grow up in, Tauranga is an enjoyable place to live. 

Schooling in Tauranga, New Zealand, is considered to be of high quality due to a number of factors. The city has a strong education system with a wide range of well-equipped schools, both public and private, offering a comprehensive curriculum.

Teachers in Tauranga are highly trained and dedicated to providing a positive learning experience for students. The city also boasts excellent facilities, including modern classrooms, technology resources, and sports facilities, allowing students to receive a well-rounded education. 

Furthermore, Tauranga's location near the ocean and lush green landscapes provide students with ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and hands-on learning experiences. 

Tauranga's combination of excellent resources and dedicated professionals makes it an ideal place for students to receive a high-quality education and enjoy a safe environment growing up.

The Top Neighbourhoods in Tauranga for Living and Going Out

If you've made up your mind to move to Tauranga, it's important to pick a location that fits your preferences and budget. Here's a rundown of the top areas to live and have fun in Tauranga:

Tauranga City: Also known as the city centre, Tauranga City offers some of the best suburbs, such as Bethlehem, Greerton, and Mount Maunganui. The city centre also has a vibrant selection of beach-style cafes, bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Tauranga South: This well-connected area is close to the city centre and offers easy access to shops, supermarkets, and restaurants. However, the housing prices in Tauranga South can be quite high.

Welcome Bay: Located 7 km from the city centre, Welcome Bay is another top neighbourhood in Tauranga. It has several shops and schools and is ideal for hiking, biking, hot springs, and more.

Otumoetai: Otumoetai is another great area in Tauranga, offering a wide range of housing options and several nearby schools.

Papamoa: 11 km from the downtown area, Papamoa is a popular and well-loved neighbourhood due to its proximity to the beach. It's one of the largest suburbs in Tauranga and has shops, restaurants, and a stunning coastal landscape.

Immigration Advisers Located in Tauranga, New Zealand

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