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December 20, 2022

Migrant Visa Holders: How to Bring Your Parents To NZ

Migrant NZ visa holders can bring their parents to New Zealand on a temporary or permanent basis. Read about the different family options and how to qualify.
Migrant Visa Holders: How to Bring Your Parents To NZ

Moving to New Zealand for a new way of life can be the best decision you can make for yourself and your family. However, the loved ones we leave behind can weigh heavily on our hearts. Wanting to share your new way of life, even for as much as a holiday, is possible within New Zealand's immigration policies. 

In this article, we will take you through all of the options to help your parents experience a taster of New Zealand life. 

What Are the Options for Parent Visas?

Whether your parents want to visit, retire or live in New Zealand permanently, these are the current options available from Immigration NZ.

Parent Visitor Visa

The first step for most NZ residents' or citizens' parents before they decide whether to join their children in a new life in New Zealand is to come to visit. 

Parents can apply for a Parent Visitor Visa, which allows them to travel in and out of New Zealand multiple times for up to 3 years. 

They can only stay up to 6 months at a time, with a maximum of 18 months within the 3-year period. 

As visitors, they are not eligible for the same rights as residents or citizens. Therefore, they will need to cover any medical event using their own funds or insurance. 

Sponsorship by an adult child is necessary for this visa and ensures you are responsible for their health and welfare and their accommodation. 

Parent Resident Visa

A Parent Resident visa allows a parent to live in New Zealand permanently if they have an adult child (sponsor) who is a New Zealand citizen or resident. The sponsor must earn enough money to meet the new threshold and agree to sponsor you. 

This is open to parents, grandparents, and legal guardians. It allows the successful applicant to travel freely in and out of the country until their travel conditions expire. After these conditions expire, the visa holder must apply for permanent residency or an extension of their visa. 

Successful applicants can study and work to support themselves. They can purchase property, once they have held residence for 12 months and their healthcare, like other residents, is free or subsidised by the government.

Requirements such as 'must be of good health and character are retained, the same as all other visa categories in NZ. 

This visa has only just reopened in October 2022, previous EOI applications are being processed as of November 2022, whilst new Expressions of Interest (EOI) will be accepted now for a random ballot for visas, starting in August 2023. 

What Are the Sponsorship Requirements? 

The requirements of being a sponsor for the Parent Resident Visa are as follows.

  • Sponsorship of one parent by one adult child requires 1.5x the medium income to be an acceptable sponsor
  • Joint Sponsorship (2 siblings or an adult child + partner) of one parent requires a combined income of 2x the medium income
  • Up to 6 people can be brought in on this visa with an increase of 0.5x the median income with each new applicant 
  • Dependent children of the parent can not be accepted on this visa. 

For ten years after the parent resident visa is granted, the sponsor must meet the following sponsorship obligations:

  • Provide the parent with suitable accommodation
  • Ensure the parent's health and welfare needs are met
  • Pay any costs associated with the deportation and repatriation (if required).

Parent Retirement Resident Visa

The NZ parent retirement visa enables parents to join their adult children in New Zealand. To be eligible, applicants must meet INZ's financial requirements of keeping at least NZ$1 million invested in an acceptable investment in New Zealand for four years.

While allowing migrant parents to live, work and study in New Zealand, it also allows them to apply for permanent residence after four years of keeping their funds invested in New Zealand.

What Are Acceptable Investments?

New Zealand's standard acceptable investments can vary depending on the visa. 

For expert advice on what would be considered as an acceptable investment for the Parent Retirement Resident visa, contact Malcolm Pacific Immigration today.

What Are General Requirements for the Family Visa Category?

There are general requirements for parents looking to come to New Zealand under their adult children's NZ visa.

Meet the Health Criteria

INZ requires medical examinations to assess applicants' health and to ensure they meet the standards. When applying for a visa, parents will need a chest x-ray or medical examination to prove they are in good health. However, depending on the visa, the application will outline what kind of medical examinations are needed.

Character & Identity

It is crucial for the parent or parents applying to meet all of INZ's health and character requirements. Not only do they have to be a genuine applicant, but have a good record to prove good character. While age is not a limit within the parent category, they can not bring any dependent children in on their parent residence visa nz.

English Language Skills

Good English language skills are required for specific parent residency visas. Parents applying can take a test to show INZ they can use and understand English. Alternatively they can pre-purchase English language tuition. Contact licensed immigration advisers for help with finding out which tests we accept and the results you need for better chances of getting your visa accepted.

Once They're Here, What Next?

As you probably experienced, migration to a new country is full of firsts. New experiences and different ways the country works can be intimidating for anyone, let alone someone who may not speak English as their first language or has lived for a long time in another country. 

Support Them Through the Transition

Taking time off work at the beginning of their arrival can make a massive difference and help them gain confidence and acclimatise quicker. They have travelled far to be closer to you, so family time can reassure them that this is a place worth calling home. 

List all the different things that confused you and explain them to your parents. Then, help them get connected with mobile phones and the internet so they can communicate with people back home and find their way around the new environment.

Find Them A Support Network

Cultural groups with members of a similar age can help support their transition so that they can learn from others the experiences that they had and support them to settle down. Also, if English is not their first language, find classes they can attend to help empower them when they are out in the community. 

Show Them Your New Life 

Including them in domestic holidays or days out gives them a sense of what you love about the country. New food experiences or just taking them to the shops can help build their confidence to set up their lives here. 

With residency visas, this could potentially mean finding a job. Applying everything you have learnt and why you call this new country home can help them settle down quicker. 

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