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January 26, 2024

Median wage rise paused, but…

The February 2024 increase to the median wage for AEWV applications has been paused. A report into AEWV is due out next month. Apply for extensions now!
Median wage rise paused, but…

The new government put a stop to the February 2024 increase to the median wage for assessing most Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) applications. It remains at $29.66 an hour.

AEWV holders covered by the Care Workforce sector agreement continue to be assessed at $26.16 an hour. Other sector agreements and roles with exemptions to the median wage benchmark are also unaffected.

There will still be an increase to the median wage for other visa categories such as the Skilled Migrant Category (point system for residence) and Parent Category (income of sponsors). The new median wage for these visa applications will be $31.61 an hour from a date (yet to be announced) in February 2024. Provided a visa application is lodged before the increase takes effect applicants are protected against this wage hike.

An independent review into the AEWV scheme is due to be published in February 2024. The review will likely include recommendations for changes to the AEWV rules to put a stop to the rip-offs that have hit the media. Don’t expect the rules to get easier. If you currently hold an AEWV that is valid for 3 years or less we recommend you apply as soon as possible to extend your work visa. Last month we reported on the pathway to a 5-year work visa and recommend reading this article again. More information can be found here.

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