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November 6, 2023

Latest Immigration news

There is always a lot happening in the immigration space. This is a roundup of current topics.
Latest Immigration news

There is always a lot happening in the immigration space. This is a roundup of current topics.

* 90 trial period clauses are no longer acceptable in Employment Agreements used in support of job checks or accredited employer work visa applications.

Job checks are taking 6 weeks or longer to be processed by Immigration NZ.  Immigration Officers are looking much closer at the genuineness of job offers and efforts to recruit locally.

* Verification by Immigration NZ of documents and claims supporting visa applications is on the rise. This is creating processing delays in many visa categories.

The median wage used to assess work visa application is set to rise in February 2024 to $31.61 an hour ($65,748.80 annually) unless the new government cancels this increase and/or the use of the median wage assessment altogether.  

* Travelling overseas in December/January? Check your visa is connected to your current passport. If not, get in touch with Malcolm Pacific Immigration as you may face problems returning to New Zealand.

* Family or friends planning to visit New Zealand over the Christmas holidays? If they need a visa and haven’t applied, they may struggle to secure a visa on time. Don’t delay – call us today.

* The revised Skilled Migrant category (points system) is now open. The benchmark to qualify is high. Immigration NZ only expect around 700 applications in the first year.  

Parent Resident Visa. The next selection from the Expressions of Interest held in the pool is this month. Many people are not invited to apply for residence because they no longer qualify due to changes in circumstances. Take advice.

* Applications to extend employer led work visa extensions from 3 years up to 5 years, open this month. There are no shortcuts. Work visa applications will need to be correct and properly documented to be approved. Get it right first time by engaging an experienced licensed immigration adviser.

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