Employer Accreditation about to launch!

On Monday, 23 May 2022 applications for employer accreditation open. Employers who employ migrant workers or intend to employ migrant workers need to consider applying.

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employer accreditation

On Monday, 23 May 2022 applications for employer accreditation open.

Employers who employ migrant workers or intend to employ migrant workers need to consider applying. Accreditation becomes mandatory on 4 July 2022. After this date, Immigration NZ will not process work visas for employers who have not become accredited when it is required.

As part of the application process, Immigration NZ carry out checks to make sure your business complies with certain requirements including:

  • Being a genuine business
  • A business that is compliant with immigration, employment, and business standards
  • Prepared to complete settlement activities within your business to support migrant workers

An application fee will apply.

Q. Does your business need accreditation?

A. If you are supporting work visa applications attached to specific jobs in your business (e.g. not people holding working holiday visas, partners of New Zealanders etc who hold open work visas which are not attached to employers) then you should apply. By becoming accredited you can help retain migrant workers already working in your business who may need their visas extended or if you are planning to recruit from offshore.

Q. I only employ people that hold “open work visas” does my business need to apply?

A. Not right now. The government intends sometime in 2023 to require all businesses that employ migrant workers regardless of the type of work visa held to become accredited.

Q. How long is accreditation valid for?

A. The first accreditation period is granted for 12 months. After that most (but not all) employers can apply to renew accreditation for 24 months.

Q. What type of accreditation is best for my business?

A. That will depend on how migrant workers may you intend to employ in a 12 month period and what type of business you run. For example, Franchise businesses will have to apply for a special type of accreditation and the bar for approval is set much higher. When you are ready to talk about accreditation contact a licensed immigration adviser for advice.

Applications for job checks open on Monday 20 June 2022. A “job check” is the new terminology for the “labour market test”. The job check process is when Immigration NZ assess whether there are kiwis available to fill the job you want to offer to a migrant worker. They will check the job has been correctly advertised, ask you to declare you could not find suitable locals to fill the role, and that the job offered is compliant with employment law and paid at a market rate.

The requirement to advertise jobs does not apply if the occupation is on the Green List or paid double the median wage ($55.52 per hour; which changes annually). However for those jobs that do need to be advertised employers are going to have to get their heads around some new rules including advertising pay rates, hours of work and the qualifications/experience required for the job. These are areas where the job check may get tricky if something is not done right.

The job check attracts a government application fee that has to be paid regardless if the check is approved or declined.

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The Green List

From September 2022 people holding job offers in a small number of occupations may apply for residence. Some occupations are a direct pathway to residence and others require a period of two years or longer before applying.

There are qualification and/or occupational registration requirements to meet. Establishing if an overseas qualification matches the NZ equivalent qualification before applying is paramount for success.

Read more here.

16 May 22

Work Visa Categories Closing

The work visa categories set to close are:

  • Essential Skills Work Visa
  • Essential Skills Work Visa – approval in principle
  • Work to Residence (Talent – Accredited Employer)
  • Work to Residence (Long Term Skills Shortage)
  • Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa (closed October 2019)
  • Silver Fern Practical Experience Work Visa.
10 Feb 22

Policy Decision Key Dates in 2022

  • February 13. Fully vaccinated Kiwis plus certain other travellers entering NZ from the rest of the world* can skip MIQ.
  • April 30. The border starts a phased reopen to fully vaccinated foreign nationals.
  • April 30. The Productivity Commission reports back to the government on immigration settings.
  • May 9. Applications open for mandatory Employer Accreditation.

*Excludes high-risk countries.

16 Dec 21