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February 27, 2024

Avoid these Visa Traps

A lot can go wrong in a visa application - read our tips to avoid expensive mistakes!
Avoid these Visa Traps

There is so much that can go wrong with a visa application that advice on getting it right would fill an encyclopaedia. We have some tips to help get prepared so you can avoid disappointment, expensive mistakes, and loads of stress.

  • Apply early. Lodging a visa application should be a priority. We are all time poor, but it is unrealistic to apply late and then expect the system to prioritise your application in time to arrive in NZ to start work, study or a family holiday.
  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the date you intend to depart New Zealand. Some countries can take many months to renew a passport – apply early.
  • If there are any health or character issues take advice from a trusted and experienced licensed immigration adviser. You may think it is not important or very serious, but this can be a reason for long processing delays or visa declines. Don’t take a risk thinking it will be ok because it probably won't be – take advice.
  • Immigration problems (expired visas, visa declines, history of deportation, being excluded from any country etc) only get worse the longer you leave talking to an experienced professional. Take advice and work on a solution before events get out of your control.
  • When travelling to New Zealand or leaving the country always check visa requirements for any countries you transit through and the final destination country. A website worth checking out for international visa advice is here.
  • Keep certified copies of documents in a safe place and the originals somewhere easily accessible if needed. A certified copy is a photocopy that has been certified as a true copy of the original by a JP, lawyer, or court official. Visa applications quite often require personal documents such as birth certificates (with parent’s names listed), marriage/divorce documents, qualifications and work references to name just a few. It can be very time consuming and frustrating when you are out of your home country trying to gather a long list of documents that you have left behind.
  • Copies of visas (electronic [e-visas] and visa labels in passports should be stored on smart phones and laptops that travel with you. Its easy to lose a piece a paper but you are more likely to protect your electronic device. Make sure you have protection on your device to avoid anyone accessing your personal visa information.
  • Apply early for a tax number if you are coming to New Zealand for employment otherwise you may face a higher-than-normal tax rate not just at work but with banks when opening an account. For more information visit Inland Revenue.  

In the last 12 months Licensed immigration Advisers (LIAs) or exempt persons (lawyers etc) were highly represented across all types of visa applications. In 45% of student visas, 41% of work visas and 37% residence visas applicants engaged an LIA or exempt person. Despite visa applications being online and accessible 24/7 the process is complex, and carries the risk of failure particularly when an application is not properly prepared.

This is not a sales pitch – the statistics speak for themselves. Talk to trusted licensed immigration advisers who are experienced professionals for sound immigration advice.

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