Temporary Work Visas: What are your options?

The Comprehensive Common Sense Guide to New Zealand Partnership Visas

There are two types of temporary work visas, neither has a path to residency. However, they may help with getting another visa later, once you’re able to meet more requirements. Your work experience here will count as ‘New Zealand work experience’ which can give you a bit of a boost in points for a Skilled Migrant Resident Visa. It does help with a Skilled Migrant Visa if you are already living and employed here when you apply. We can work with you to upgrade your visa as well. 

Working Holiday Visa:

Who is it for? Those who want to earn money to pay for their travels while they are here.

Main Requirements: 18-30 or 18-35 yrs old depending on your citizenship. Able to show evidence of sufficient funds to cover your return trip home at the end of your stay. From an eligible country. 

Conditions: Cannot accept any permanent work contracts, can’t bring children, partners can apply separately if they also qualify. Tourism should be your first intention, work is secondary. 

Length of Stay: 12 Months maximum. Exceptions are the UK and Canada which allow 23 months.

Quotas: Some countries do have quotas but the UK and Canada are uncapped. China for example can be granted up to 1000 visas of this type per year, Croatia has a quota of 100, Luxembourg has a yearly quota of just 50, it varies country to country. 

Give us a call and we will tell you the quota and requirements for your country. Bear in mind not all countries are eligible for working holiday visas in New Zealand. There are 45 eligible countries. 

Essential Skills Work Visa:

Who is it for? Those wanting to work in New Zealand short term, or who do not qualify for a longer term visa but want a chance to live and work here until they can build the requirements to stay. 

Main Requirements: An offer of employment from a New Zealand employer who has shown they cannot fill your specific position from the talent pool currently in New Zealand. 

Length of Stay: Either 1 or 3 years depending on your career type and salary. Can be renewed as long as your employer continues to prove your position can’t be filled by a New Zealander. 

Path to Residence: You may be able to apply for a Skilled Migrant Residency after being on this visa. You can include work experience in New Zealand as part of your points score. If your job is on the skills shortage list and you meet the other requirements this could be a path forward for you. 

For further reading on Essential Skills Work Visas see our essential skills work visa information page or give us a call on 0800 800 612. We can tell you if you qualify and how we can help you get your visa approved. 

What if I want to Stay Longer?

Many do, we process a lot of cases for people who arrived on temporary work visas but have made a home for themselves here. New Zealand is a great country to live and work in, it’s not surprising most people want to stay longer. Our experienced team of Immigration Advisers can help you through the next steps. Give us a call today to have a chat about how we can help you stay, and which visa path will be best (and most likely to succeed) for your individual circumstances. Call us on 0800 800 612.

Work to Residence Visa

After 2-3yrs of satisfactory work experience in New Zealand you may be eligible for a work to residence visa. There are a few visa types in this category which you could fall under. The main one being the ‘long term skills shortage worker’ category. Those who don’t quite meet the requirements for a normal skilled migrant visa but are working in an industry on the long term skills shortage list may have a second opportunity with this visa. 

Also included are religious workers, entrepreneurs and those here on a talent based visa. The two categories for talent visas are ‘accredited employer work visa’ and ‘arts, culture and sports’. 

You can read more about this visa in our Work to Residence Visa Guide.

Skilled Migrant Resident Visa

In order to gain a skilled migrant resident visa you will need to be trained and experienced in an industry New Zealand has a shortage of skilled workers for. Give us a call to find out if your job is included in any of the latest skills shortage lists, they are updated regularly. Some jobs are short only in specific regions of New Zealand, if you apply from the regional skills shortage list you must be willing to live and work in the required region(s) only. 

Find out more in our Skilled Migrant Resident Visa Guide.

Partnership Visas

If you have entered into a genuine and stable relationship during your time in New Zealand you may be able to stay based on that partnership. To learn more see our Guide to Partnership Visas. If you haven been living together for over 12 months during your work visa period you have a good chance of gaining a partnership based visa for work or residence, to be able to continue your relationship.

How Can We Help?

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