May 17, 2022

NZ reopens to the World

New Zealand’s border fully reopens on Monday, 1 August 2022. This means anyone who requires a visa to enter NZ can lodge a visa application from that date.
NZ reopens to the World
NZ reopens to the World

New Zealand’s border fully reopens on Monday, 1 August 2022.

This means anyone requiring a visa to enter NZ can apply from 1 August onwards. This includes visitors (tourists, business visitors, family and friends reconnecting with people based in NZ) and international students. There are changes to student visa policy and you can read more here.

The maritime border reopens on the same date to welcome back cruise liners, superyachts and other sailing vessels visiting our shores.

People living in Pacific Island Forum countries (excluding Australia) can apply earlier for visitor visas. Applications opened on Monday, 16 May 2022. The biggest difference is that visa applications for people living in this region must be made online. The days of paper-based visa applications have come to an end.

This is exciting news for our tourism industry but also for thousands of people separated from loved ones for over two years since the border closed in March 2020.

While the border reopening is a good reason to cheer it is still important to remember that non-New Zealand citizens who require a visa or electronic travel authority must apply before travelling to New Zealand. Many will have forgotten how the rules apply to satisfy Immigration NZ they are genuine visitors. Go here for a refresher on visitor visa requirements

The Prime Minister announced the requirement for pre-arrival Covid testing will be removed before the border fully reopens. More news to come once health advice has been considered by the government and decisions are made.

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