Student to Residence

This article is about Immigration Policy but is not a description of policy.


A person who has come to New Zealand as a student on a Student Visa and completed a New Zealand qualification may, in certain circumstances, be eligible for a Post Study Work Visa.

A person who has obtained a New Zealand qualification and has then obtained an offer of employment in New Zealand may, in certain circumstances, be eligible for a Resident Visa.



The above statements are true. But they contain the words "may" and "in certain circumstances" which means they are NOT necessarily true in EVERY case. They are only true in some cases. Education institutions in New Zealand sell courses overseas through agents who know about student life and the courses they are selling but they are not usually Licensed Immigration Advisers. Under New Zealand law, those agents are NOT allowed to give advice about Resident or Work Visa policy. They make their money by receiving a commission on sales and some allow their clients to believe that by coming to New Zealand as a student and then passing their course that student will be eligible for a job and then Residence of New Zealand. But that is often NOT TRUE.




1. Before you come to New Zealand.

If the main reason you are coming to New Zealand is so you can apply for Residence after you graduate, then get advice from a Licensed Immigration Adviser before you enrol in your course. Agents selling courses are NOT usually Licensed Immigration Advisers.

2. If you are already in New Zealand.  

Students in New Zealand who are confused about the rules can become victims of false job offers or be charged large sums of money for job offers that do not meet the rules. Gossip among students can lead to bad advice. Come to Malcolm Pacific Immigration to find out the truth and get good advice. When possible we will offer to talk with your parents at home, in their own language, so they will understand your problem and not blame you.

3.  Share this knowledge.

If you know someone who will benefit from this knowledge please share it with them. Many overseas students are misled into tragic problems. Your youth and student years should be a time of fun and success, not  a time of fear and failure.