Special Cases.

This article is about Immigration Policy but is not a description of policy.



It is simply not true that all of your circumstances are going to be considered by Immigration New Zealand on a case by case basis. Specific policy requirements guide officials as to whom should be approved under each category of policy; and applicants who fall outside of those requirements will be declined. 

A consequence of there being formal, written policy is that there will always be applicants who “just miss”. To the applicant a "just miss" is a lifetime disappointment and they will sometimes wonder why Immigration New Zealand can't "help me across the line". That can't happen because the New Zealand system is not corrupt and case decisions are made according to rules; not personal favours.

On the other hand; the powers of absolute discretion and delegation do lie with the Minister of Immigration; so it is also true that exceptions and special cases can be legally and practically possible in exceptional cases. 

The fact that such a possibility exists, combined with hope born of desperation, can lead to migrants being exploited. Telling a migrant; "I have good connections and I will write to the Minister for you" can give a desperate applicant hope; but it is unfair if the chances of success are misrepresented.

Migrant clients deserve honest advice; not false hopes. The fact is; Special Cases and exceptions to policy are very few and far between.

At Malcolm Pacific Immigration we do undertake Special Cases; and we have had some spectacular success; but we will only do so after giving you very honest advice about your chances. We will usually develop a detailed strategy around such Special Cases, often engaging in specialist research or advice. 

We most certainly will not just “write a letter to see what happens".