Work visa rules change again!

In late July 2020, the government changed the rules to the Labour Market test (checking if kiwis are available to fill jobs before a work visa is issued). Under those changes an employer was required to get a Skills Match Report from Work and Income (WINZ) to support the work visa application if the job paid less than the median wage (currently $25.50 an hour).

From early October 2020 a new set of rules apply to occupations that WINZ have determined an “Oversupply” or “Under Supply” of local kiwis available to fill jobs in regions around the country.

Migrant workers and employers need to check these lists when a job pays less than the median wage before applying for a work visa. WINZ will not issue a Skills Match Report for an occupation on either list. If a job is on the “Oversupply” list there will need to be a very strong case to prove there are no local kiwis to fill the job. Employers will have to prove they advertised widely and genuinely could not find a local before supporting a work visa application.

See the lists here.

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