Work Visa changes roll out in 2021

For some time, we have been alerting business to changes happening next year.

Highlights are:

  • The median wage was reported to increase in November to $27 per hour. This change appears to have been deferred until 2021. Exactly when the increase will happen is difficult to predict. We know there will be little time to prepare for this change. If any of your team are on work visas, earn less than $27 per hour and have less than 12 months before the work visa expires, we recommend applying now for a visa extension.

  • In mid-2021 a new work visa application process will roll out. It will create more work and cost (increased government application fees) to business. Employers who do not hold accreditation from Immigration NZ should consider applying if this is right for the business. Eventually, all businesses under the new regime will be screened for suitability to employ migrant workers. It makes sense to apply early and avoid the inevitable delays when the new system comes on stream. Take advice from Lukas Sousa who works closely with business finding immigration solutions.

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