Visa news in brief

  • Selection of Expressions of Interest (EOIs) under the Parent category are expected to reopen soon as confirmed by the Minister of Immigration. Expect a public announcement.

  • A new “Migrant Exploitation Protection work visa” has been created for migrant workers who may have been exploited by their employer and the claim assessed as credible by Labour inspectors.

  • 300 border exemptions created for Early Childhood and primary/secondary school teachers and their families to be recruited from offshore. Places created for teachers already working in New Zealand to allow their family to join them from offshore.

  • Places in Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) are currently booked until the end of November. Anyone who wants to enter New Zealand should get in early to secure an MIQ room. People have been spending long hours at the computer refreshing the MIQ web page waiting for spots to come free.

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