Top tips

While New Zealand’s border remains closed here are reminders.

  • Always keep passports valid. Some countries take 3 months or more to issue a new passport. Apply early.

  • Transfer New Zealand visas across to renewed passports. There is a visa transfer application process and it can take weeks to complete – do not delay.

  • Anyone arriving in New Zealand is subject to 14 days in managed isolation or quarantine. There is now a booking system to secure a place in managed isolation. before checking in for a flight to New Zealand. Read more here

  • Apply early to renew work, student, or visitor visas. A good rule of thumb is to apply 3 months before the visa expires.

  • Partners of New Zealand citizens or residents who are overseas can now apply to enter New Zealand if they are Australian citizens or Australian residents or from visa free countries. Take advice from Malcolm Pacific Immigration.

  • Looking for a visa to another country. Talk to Global Visas. Connect with Global at

  • Do you have family, friends or colleagues interested in keeping up with the latest immigration news? Refer them here

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