Stuck in NZ?

People in New Zealand holding a valid Visitor Visa due to expire between 04/09/2020 and 31/10/2020 will receive automatic visa extensions for a further 5 months. Emails will be sent by Immigration NZ by 22/09/2020. If you do not receive a new visa via email by this date contact Immigration NZ.

There are some people who will not get this automatic extension. This includes critical purpose visa holders, guardians of students and partners/dependents of work visa holders who already have been given an automatic visa extension.

Anyone stranded in New Zealand will be able to apply for a special two month Visitor Visa later this month. This will help people who are coming to the end of their work, student, visitor, or partnership visa and will not qualify for any other visa. There are a few rules to meet including having a valid passport, be of good character, have a genuine reason for staying longer in NZ [such as your home country border is closed or no available flights] and you cannot immediately leave NZ but you will be able to depart before the two month visa expires.

Keep your visa valid at all times. Immigration NZ have not stopped deporting people who are unlawfully in New Zealand despite Covid – 19.

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