Some relief for employers to maintain workforce

The government has moved the introduction of the new employer accreditation process across to mid-2022. At the same time, the Minister of Immigration announced new work visa rules for migrant workers who are already in New Zealand and working full time.

From Monday 19 July people paid below the median wage ($27 per hour) can apply for work visas valid for up to two years (instead of a 12-month maximum), while workers paid above the median wage will receive visas for a maximum three years.

At the time of lodging the work visa application a person must hold:

  • A work visa of any kind; or

  • A student visa with unlimited work rights (special rules apply); or

  • A critical visitor visa (border exemption and special rules apply).


  • Must already be working full time (30 hours a week or more), for the same employer and in the same region.

  • No medical or police clearances required if submitted with a previous visa application.

  • Government application fees must still be paid.

  • Employer declaration required.

  • Labour market test will not apply to most applications.

Beware of the traps. It appears the criteria has been relaxed but no visa application is without its own complexity.

The final deadline of 31 October 2021 remains in place for migrant workers to apply for Work to Residence visas. No signs this date will be extended.

Your migrant workforce will be confused by all these changes. Getting the work visa application right is so important to maintain your workforce particularly when skills are in such high demand. Avoid the drama – get in touch with the Malcolm Pacific Immigration team to help sort all this for you.

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