Recruiting in 2021?

If you are looking to bring specialist skills from overseas start the conversation now on border exemptions and visas. The process is complex and does not move as fast as you want workers on the ground.

In recruitment your priority is finding the right worker. That is time consuming enough without the headaches of how workers will be able to cross the border. Malcolm Pacific Immigration provides free advice on whether the skills you are looking to recruit are likely to result in a border exemption approval even before you start recruiting. Saves you time and stress.

If you are considering candidates already in New Zealand holding work visas it can be complex to work out if they can legally work for your company. Look at the visa. If it has the name of an employer and occupation listed it means they cannot start work with you until the visa is changed. There are around 200,000 people in New Zealand on a work visa so there are plenty to choose from.

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