Partners and children of migrant workers get more time

Employer Assisted work visa holders (the occupation and employer are listed on the visa) who were in New Zealand on 10/07/2020 and hold a visa expiring on or before 31/12/2020 were given a 6 month automatic visa extension.

The government has now extended this automatic 6 month extension to include partners and children of these workers who are lawfully in New Zealand. There was a delay in sending out the visa extensions so if have not received yours contact Immigration NZ.

If you are planning is to remain in New Zealand longer than the 6 month extension take advice now. The labour market is changing fast and employer assisted work visas will get more complex with decline rates expected to increase. It takes time to prepare a good visa application. Applications that are rushed or poorly documented take much longer to be processed and usually run into problems. Do not risk leaving applying for a new visa until the last minute.

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