Parent visa sponsorship gets tougher

So you want your mother and father to join you in your new life?

You need to plan carefully so that they are part of the total 1,000 applicants who get accepted each year. The NZ Government just announced the small number of parents who may get to live in New Zealand alongside other changes it signalled would take place from February 24 this year.

Before getting their hopes up you need to check you, or you and your partner, are now earning enough to be able to sponsor. And you will have to have proof of that income over three years, verified through Inland Revenue personal tax statements.

Your income required depends on how many parents you want to come and join your family. But the minimum income is now at $106,000 per year if you want one parent to come.

Next let’s look at Mum and Dad. After entering an Expression of Interest in coming to New Zealand, they must next meet health, character, English language, family relationships and sponsorship requirements...

There are lots of twists and turns on the road to having them join you in New Zealand, but at Malcolm Pacific Immigration we are used to navigating people. Come and have a chat. What can seem like to higher mountain to climb can seem less worrying if you are shown a path over it.

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