Offshore recruitment still possible

Employers need skilled workers but where are they?

Unemployment remains at a record low. Australian employers are starting to poach local talent. The border is closed.

Don’t despair. If you have a genuine need for a particular set of skills, then a border exemption may be an option. Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Does the role require someone with unique experience and technical or specialist skills not readily available in New Zealand?

  • Is the role time critical and for work that brings significant benefit to the national or regional economy?

  • Is the job paying more than $112,320 per annum?

If the answer is YES to one of these questions, it is worth talking to the team at Malcolm Pacific Immigration about trying to secure a border exemption to bring in overseas talent. Over 17,000 border exemptions have already been granted since the border closed in March 2020.

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