More changes to work visa rules in October

In July 2020 the government changed the rules around how work visa applications are assessed based on the rate of pay. Those paid above the medium wage can expect different visa outcomes to those paid below the medium wage. Read more here.

Work and Income (WINZ) have now produced lists of occupations where they have determined if there is an “Over supply” or “Under supply” of local workers in the regions. If you plan to employ a migrant worker or support a work visa extension for job paying less than the median wage you need to look at these lists to work out if WINZ will issue a Skills Match Report. Theses lists took effect from the start of October 2020.

You will find the lists at WINZ - Skills match reports

In July 2021, the new work visa process is expected to go live. It is going to be much more expensive (and complex) than it is today to secure a work visa. If you currently employ staff on work visas, there are potential cost savings (if they qualify for renewal) to apply for the next work visa before this new system goes live.

Take advice.

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