Migrant workforce want to be residents

Business is facing massive skill shortages across most industries. The closed border is forcing employers to find staff locally but so many skills are simply not available. There are signs of poaching through inflated wages or people leaving for Australia where there are opportunities to become residents.

The Minister of Immigration wrote to our CEO at the end of June confirming he has made decisions about resuming the selection of Expressions of Interests (EOI) and selection criteria. The Minister said, “I will be making an announcement on these matters soon”.

In the meantime, what can you do to help your migrant workforce?

Here are some suggestions:

  • If your business is an accredited employer, and the accreditation has not expired, explore whether there is a pathway to residence for your offshore talent. This route closes 31/10/2021.

  • Talk to Malcolm Pacific Immigration about an on-site “immigration briefing” for your team. People value face-to-face advice and the opportunity to ask questions about their personal situation. Our team is on standby to help.

  • Licensed Immigration Advisers will assess pathways to residence. Malcolm Pacific Immigration provide free assessments.

  • Consider how you can help your migrant workers settle into the New Zealand lifestyle. A team BBQ is one way, along with practical support, for example: introductions to banks, accountants, schools, and local community support groups.

The longer the government delays reopening pathways to residence, the more your migrant workforce will be concerned about their future.

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