Lockdown – your immigration checklist

Updated: Sep 2

New Zealand is back at Level 4 lockdown. Most people are at home. While you have time on your hands now is the perfect opportunity to get you and your family immigration/visa ready. Here are some pointers.

  • Check passports are valid.

Passports due to expire within the next 12 months should be renewed now. Covid has created long delays in securing an updated passport. It was recently reported the USA had over 400,000 passports waiting to be renewed because so many had expired during 2020 and now people want to travel internationally. INZ is not renewing visas if a passport expires within 3 months of the date the visa application is lodged.

  • New passports must be connected to existing visas.

When a passport is renewed the current visa needs to be transferred across to the new passport. This includes any type of e-visa and whether you hold a temporary or resident visa. There is an application process. We can help you.

  • Keep copies of passports and visas secure.

Take a photo to store copies of passports and visas on your smartphone, computer, memory stick or up in the cloud. If you don’t have this technology make a photocopy and keep them somewhere safe but separate from actual passports.

  • Have original documents close by.

Most visa applications usually require documents to support claims made in an application. Qualifications, work references, birth certificates (with parent’s names listed), marriage certificates, divorce documents, custody orders are just some of the documents you should have on hand. If the documents are located overseas ask family or friends to courier across original documents using a reputable courier company with track and trace facilities.

  • Add the expiry date of temporary visas to your calendar and set reminders on your smartphone. Apply for a new visa at least 3 months before the current one expires.

  • Don’t leave New Zealand without first taking proper advice. While the border remains closed it is very difficult getting back and in many cases impossible.

  • Stay safe, exercise, talk to friends and family and keep in touch with your employer. The best place to find up to date and accurate information on New Zealand's Covid developments is https://covid19.govt.nz/

Kia Kaha! (stay strong).

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