Keeping you updated - visa headlines

  • The Beijing branch of Immigration NZ closes on 31/08/2021. All visa applications now processed in New Zealand.

  • Working Holiday Visas & Supplementary Seasonal Work Visas due to expire between 21/06/2021 and 31/12/2021 are automatically extended by 6 months. Check your inbox for the confirmation email.

  • Any employer who currently employs or wants to employ migrant workers in the future must be accredited from 1 November 2021. Without accreditation, work visas cannot be renewed or applied for.

  • Want to secure a work to residence visa? If you are paid $79,650 or more and your employer is accredited you have until 31/10/2021 to apply. After this date, the work to residence pathway will close for most people apart from those earning 200% or more of the median wage.

  • Apply early to renew your work visa. Queues are starting to build as people rush to beat all the changes to the work visa policy. Applications not properly prepared will take even longer to be processed and are at risk of failure.

  • New border exemption coming for 150 dairy herd managers, 50 dairy farm assistants, 50 vets, 125 agricultural & horticultural mobile plant operators and 40 shearers.

  • Stand down period (when someone who is paid below the median wage must leave New Zealand for 12 months or longer after working in the country for 3 years) deferred until July 2022.

  • Renewing passports for many countries is taking much longer than normal. Apply for a new passport early. Immigration NZ will not extend visas if a passport has expired.

  • Expect more change to visa rules to roll out during 2021. Delaying making a visa application may result in disappointment given the speed of change. Take advice and be prepared to move quickly.

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