Immigration in the news

Since COVID 19 hit our shores a constant stream of media articles has highlighted the impact on so many lives due to the border closure and suspension of visa processing for anyone overseas. Partners, children, and families separated from each other, workers stuck overseas unable to get back to their jobs, employers frustrated they cannot get skilled workers into New Zealand and numerous projects delayed. The list goes on.

When will it get better?

The border is not opening anytime soon. The reality is until a vaccine is found, or the virus disappears, we must adjust to a new way of people entering New Zealand in very limited numbers. Kiwis are enjoying more freedom than most around the world because of a huge effort by the whole country to keep the virus out of the community. No one wants to lose those gains.

For now, tourists, international students and some overseas workers will not be able to cross the border.

There is unlikely to be any significant changes to immigration rules this side of the general election on 19 September. Once the next government is in power it may take time for changes to go live. Meantime queues for visas keep growing.

Immigration has always been a complex area and often people believe it is so simple until it is too late when the visa gets declined. Now more than ever engaging a reputable and experienced professional to navigate through the maze is the only logical way to minimize risk, stress and wasted money.

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