Employer accreditation becomes mandatory

Employers of migrant workers must become accredited from 1 November 2021 before work visa applications can be processed.

Most employers are not accredited. Those that are accredited will have to roll into the new system when it goes live in late September.

Immigration NZ is launching a new online work visa application process. It is complex and decisions around application fees are still to be announced.

In brief employers will face a three step process:

Step 1: Become accredited.

Step 2: Job offers checked for compliance with employment law and the labour market test.

Step 3: Migrant worker applies for his or her work visa. Checks made to clear health and character requirements plus verify qualification and experience to do the job.

Six current work visa categories close at the end of October including Work to Residence (Accredited Employers and Long Term Skills Shortage) and Approval in Principle to recruit migrant workers from overseas.

Pathways for migrant workers to secure residence are becoming limited. Employers may find staff are leaving for other countries that are gearing up to attract talent. This includes Australia, where the travel bubble has opened for migrant workers to move across the Tasman.

For more information speak to our employer specialist and Licensed Immigration Adviser Lukas Sousa on 022 689 5500, or email lukas@malcolmpacific.com

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