Do you hold an employer supported work visa?

If you are working in New Zealand holding a work visa attached to a specific employer there are a couple of points to consider when timing your next visa renewal application.

  • The median wage was reported to increase in November to $27 per hour. This change appears to have been deferred until 2021. Exactly when the increase will happen is difficult to predict. We know there will not be much lead in time to prepare for any change. If you currently earn less than $27 per hour and have less than 12 months left on your work visa, we recommend applying now. Take advice.

  • In mid-2021 a new work visa application process will be introduced. It will create more work and cost (increased government application fees) for employers. If your work visa is due to expire before July 2021 you may save some money by applying early.

  • If you are considering changing jobs, then lock in the new job offer before applying for a Variation of Conditions (VOC). In some cases, a new work visa may be required rather than a VOC. You cannot start the new job until your visa is changed to a new employer. It can be confusing. Take advice.

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