2021 Resident Visa

The first wave of applicants can apply from 1 December 2021. Around 16,000 applications are expected in this first wave. The second wave opens on 1 March 2022. In total, the government expects approximately 110,000 applications that will include about 165,000 people.

Once everyone has applied and been processed this will leave around 30% of the current temporary visa holders in New Zealand not holding residence. Any of your staff that qualify for this one off visa will no doubt generate great excitement in the workplace once their resident visas are issued. As residents employees can buy their first homes, get children into tertiary education, and start paying into Kiwisaver. Happy days.

It is a big deal for workers who have waited for the day to roll around when they can finally become residents. This will include bringing partners and children from overseas that they may have been separated from for a long time. You can play a part to support your staff to celebrate as they become “new kiwis”.

There will be some hurdles to cross before residence is granted. Making sure anyone in your team is actually eligible to apply right at the beginning will avoid disappointment, stress and expensive errors.

We have updated our 2021 Resident Visa information page setting out more detail on eligibility here

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