Tips for employers

Remuneration rates - Malcolm Pacific Immigration is frequently asked: “what should I pay an overseas worker?” The answer is: “Never less than the market rate for those skills". If unsure, check out where going rates for jobs are listed by occupation. Underpaying overseas workers will cause you big problems and Immigration NZ is watching you!

Lower skilled jobs are closely scrutinized – Employers supporting work visa applications for low skilled jobs need to ensure that such vacancies are openly advertised. NZ applicants must be properly considered. Keep records to demonstrate the fairness of that process. Do not over inflate a job description just to get approval to employ a migrant. Once again; Immigration New Zealand is watching.

Employment agreements – It is important employment agreements are up to date before offering a job to a migrant. Recent requirements imposed by legislation include the removal of trial periods for employers with more than 20 employees and the introduction of domestic violence leave as well as other changes. Immigration NZ will thoroughly check these agreements. If you need HR advice, Malcolm Pacific Immigration has a team of experts on hand to help.

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