Beating the visa delays

Delays to visa processing have been hitting the news throughout this year. The problem has become visible through some dramatic examples promoted by the media and through social media campaigns and even street protests.

There has been something of a perfect storm – changes within Immigration New Zealand as offshore processing has been re-focused onshore; increased security concerns leading to more vigorous verifications; and numbers of applications exceeding quota places.

The problems affect both Permanent and Temporary visa programmes, and even what appears to be a simple temporary visa application can become complex.

It is critical that applications are perfectly formed and documented. This is where Malcolm Pacific Immigration expertise helps avoid dramas. “Malcolm Pacific knows the system inside and out”, says Malcolm Pacific Immigration’s director David Cooper. “Applications put together by Malcolm Pacific, taking into account details and quirks of policy, proper documentation and well documented, do get processed in reasonable timeframes.” Most delays are due to applications not being well prepared.

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Those wanting residence face longer delays as more people are applying than places available under government quotas. There is no sign this government is about to increase residence approval numbers, so we expect queues for becoming a resident will get longer.

Take advice.

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