Tips for Employers

  • Be prepared to re-advertise jobs even when you have a worker in place holding a work visa. In most cases Immigration NZ will want proof there are no locals available before another work visa is issued.

  • Visa renewal takes time. To keep your migrant worker in place, make sure they apply for the next visa 3 months before the current one is due to expire.

  • Looking for construction workers ? Contact Lukas Sousa - he is plugged into a recruiter who targets these skills from overseas. We have helped plenty of employers plug these skill gaps.

  • Most work visa application require employers to complete an “Employer Supplementary Form”. Make sure your company has appointed a person to sign these forms off. A company can be held liable if the information supplied is misleading.

  • Staff asking questions about immigration ? Be careful giving immigration advice without a license is illegal. Malcolm Pacific Immigration can help and even hold free immigration seminars in the workplace. Just contact Lukas Sousa

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